UNDERCARE is adaptive, attractive, wrap-around, VELCRO® Brand tabbed underwear for men and women. If you have issues with balance, dizziness, bending, standing, tremor, a cast or prosthesis, patented UNDERCARE underwear is the perfect solution, allowing you to dress without stress.


UNDERCARE products use extra soft and flexible specialty Velcro® Brand hook and loop closures. 

Try us out to experience how easy dressing can be. 

And we're off! (or on)

Three easy steps to dress without stress

Step 1

Unfold the UNDERCARE garment to lie flat. Locate the two ends of the waistband.

Step 2

Wrap the two ends around waist, and fasten VELCRO® tabs together at the navel.

Step 3

Pull front panel through the legs from back to front. Fasten VELCRO® tabs on right and left sides of front panel to matching tabs on right and left sides of wrap- around piece.


Done! In it in a minute. Once on, UNDERCARE functions like traditional underwear. You may pull it up and down in one piece.