UNDERCARE is adaptive, attractive, wrap-around, VELCRO® Brand tabbed underwear for men and women. If you have issues with balance, dizziness, bending, standing, tremor, a cast or prosthesis, patented UNDERCARE underwear is the perfect solution, allowing you to dress without stress.


UNDERCARE products use extra soft and flexible specialty Velcro® Brand hook and loop closures. 

Try us out to experience how easy dressing can be. 

And we're off! (or on)

for you or someone you care for

UNDERCARE was invented to solve dressing difficulties caused by temporary or long-term disability issues like balance, dizziness, bending, standing, tremors, casts, or prosthesis. We want everyone to be able to dress themselves, and to provide caregivers with a little assistance in making dressing less stressful and much safer for all concerned.

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