"Following prostate surgery, it was hard to put on underwear. I tried out Undercare. So easy to fasten it around my waist, pull the front piece through my legs from behind and lift to fasten on the front of my body. I didn’t need to slide my underwear over the incision or bend to pull it over my legs. It’s really cool. Great idea." 

           - Preston W. W.  NYC


"I gave a pair of your Undercare to mom who has difficulty dressing. It took her a few tries to understand how to use it, but once she got it, she was thrilled!  You have reinvented underwear." 

           - Sarah J. Bronx, NY



 "I just want to thank you for my new Undercare underwear... I have a back injury for the last 3 years... It has been very difficult to put on my underpants and other clothing... I tried them on this evening and think they are absolutely wonderful and comfortable. I think many people will benefit from these and they are beautiful and do not make you feel disabled..."

     - Debbie G. Bronxville, NY


"My leg is in a long-leg cylinder cast made of plaster and fiberglass. I cannot bend my knee or foot.  My husband read about your underwear and bought me a three pack of the women’s briefs.  It is such a clever solution to the problem of dressing. Your beautiful, well-made, soft and comfortable underwear is my new favorite thing. Thank you Undercare. I also gave this product to my elderly father who has Parkinson’s.  It is very helpful for many conditions."   

     - Mary, PA


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